a day of {delicious} meals

{i love summers in ukraine.}

Fresh produce in rainbows at the bazaar, a kilogram of cucumbers for about $0.50, berries coming and going in their natural cycles – it makes you aware of and awestruck by nature.  Or at least it does me.

my {thrown together} lunch

These days meals generally go as follows: pick fruits or vegetables.  Chop them.  Throw together on a plate or in a bowl.  Scramble some egg whites.  Enjoy.  Though alterations generally need to be made to recipes here in Ukraine due to product availability (or cost way out of a PCV’s price range), there’s one thing we have an equivalent for, for which I’m extremely grateful – salsa.  Top a salad with salsa and I’m in heaven.

Forgot to mention my amazing breakfast: strawberry almond pancakes!

managed to save the last bite for a picture

My frying pan has absolutely no coating of any sort, so the pancakes came out sort of mangled, but delicious nonetheless.  The strawberries make the pancakes even softer and very moist.  You want to make them now, don’t you?  You can easily crush the almonds too – just throw them in a plastic baggie and use just about anything to crush them.  I used a coffee thermos, so really, anything works!  Sumptuous pancakes, strong coffee and comfy slippers…my kind of morning.

don't those look delicious?

And for dinner…mustard roasted new potatoes from Joy the Baker!  Not only were these potatoes amazing (and we all know how much I avoid eating potatoes) but everything she makes is that I’ve tried.  The recipes I haven’t tried aren’t from lack of desire, simply lack of ingredients here in Ukraine.  I halved this recipe because I was cooking for just me, and I didn’t have any onions.  I also chose to use a mustard with horseradish sauce in it because I wanted a little extra kick.

crispy outside, warm inside. yum.

Check out Joy’s Website because I’m obsessed!


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